Ultra Bio Rid Eliminates Odor and Cleans the Air of Your Car/SUV—and It’s Eco-friendly!

Sometimes you need to freshen up your and clean up unwanted odors after an spill. Masking odors with air fresheners doesn’t work when the odor is very strong. Our odor elimination treatment doesn’t cover up odors. It uses chlorine dioxide gas to eliminate smells like sweat, fecal matter, rotten food, urine, skunk, smoke and other nasty smells.

Green Odor Eliminating Service for Cars

Safe and Effective in Eliminating Odors in Your Car

This odor treatment has a neutral PH which means we don’t have to remove any personal items or electronic equipment from your vehicle during treatment.

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This service is currently only available at our Lawrence location, in Northwest Chicago. 

See how we use this eco-friendly odor-remover for your car’s interior to sanitize and disinfect safely.

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