Paintless dent repair is very effective for the following situations:

  • Very small to large dents; Hail damage.
  • The paint has not been broken or cracked.
  • The dent is not near the edge of a panel.
  • The panel has not had previous body repair.


How is Dent Repair Performed?

In a typical dent removal, the metal around the outside edge of the dent is slowly massaged back into its original position. The dent becomes progressively smaller as the technician works from the outside edge; eventually the dent becomes so small it blends with the texture of the paint and disappears completely.

A vehicle with original paint retains a higher value than a repainted vehicle. Even if it is just a door or a fender, it is always preferable to maintain the original paint on a vehicle for as long as possible.

Most repairs can be completed in one to two hours. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

Advantages of Paintless Dent Repair:

  • No repainting or body filler needed;
  • Less expensive than traditional body repair;
  • Same-day service in most cases;
  • No risk of paint over-spray on other vehicle areas;
  • No risk of incorrect color matching;
  • Vehicle retains original paint.

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