4 Reasons to Install Window Tinting!

Make Your Valuables Less Visible to Thieves!

Tinting can be seen as a security measure as well!  If a thief cannot see valuable items in your car, the more likely your vehicle will get overlooked by a thief.  Also, new to the market, are tints that can strengthen the structure of the window. Protection tints can make it just a bit more difficult to wield a window with a baseball bat or other objects used to smash a window open. Some tints can keep the glass from shattering, holding the window in tact versus diminishing the window as a barrier of entry for the thief.ts.


Use Less Air Conditioning and Save on Gas!

If not to preserve the integrity of your cars interior, tints can also make your car cooler as summer temperatures rise. Reducing usage of air-conditioning, simultaneously reduces operating costs of using a motor vehicle! Consuming less gas means spending less on gas!

Protect Against Harmful UVA/UVB rays!

Tinting you car windows is an investment to extend the long-term value of your car. By opting to get your windows tinted you can help reduce the suns glare and protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Even on cloudy days, the suns powerful rays can fade the colors of your dashboard and seats.

Greater Safety During A Car Crash!

Nobody can predict a car accident, but veering on the safe side is only in your best interest. An often overlooked aspect of window tinting is the safety it can provide in the event of an accident. Imagine if shattered glass could hold together at crashing speeds, helping to prevent it from spraying sharp splinters of glass onto you?

The only reason not to invest in window tinting is not having the funds! For that we are offering a discount as well, so no excuses! Veer on the side of protection and safety and ask us for a custom quote today!

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